Saturday, August 7th, 2049
Anchorage Wheelers: Placed RP Bobby Daring on the active roster.
Anchorage Wheelers: Placed RP Babaganoush Deity on the active roster.
Tuesday, June 1st, 2049
Kansas City Hepcats: Placed RP Pop Wolb on the active roster.
Sunday, March 21st, 2049
Chicago Kingpins: Released 3B Jaquezz Thompson.
Chicago Kingpins: Released LF Squirrelly Acorns.
Chicago Kingpins: Released CF Kurt Buckman.
Chicago Kingpins: Released SS Moussa Sy.
Chicago Kingpins: Released DH Brodie Zweig.
Chicago Kingpins: Released 2B Ricky Ramirez.
California Firehawks: Released C AAron.
Brew City Bears: Released RP Danny Young.
Brew City Bears: Released DH Daniel Johnson.
Brew City Bears: Released 2B Kevin Egbers.
State College Swift Steeds : Released RP Jaxson Bentley.
State College Swift Steeds : RP Blake Faux Jr. becomes a free-agent.
Anchorage Wheelers: Released RP Noah Hartmann.
Anchorage Wheelers: Released 2B Ian Whitmore.
Anchorage Wheelers: Released LF Yukon Cornelius.
Anchorage Wheelers: Released CF Nico Stein.
Anchorage Wheelers: Released LF Del Taco.
Puerto Rico Ranas: Released SP Fernando Jose.
Puerto Rico Ranas: Released RP Ash Windstein.
Puerto Rico Ranas: Released CF Clifford Wilson.
Puerto Rico Ranas: Released DH Ramarod Ramirez.
Monday, July 4th, 2022 - OOTP Baseball 21.6 Build 83