BNN Stats: Active Career Batting Leaders
Monday, October 19th , 2054
So, who is the active leader in the Minor League PBE in career games started?

Hugh Belongwithme, SCSS, 860
Ayomide Ayodele, -, 542
Chet Hookham, ANC, 541
Justin Justice, BUF, 541
Shia Miss, KC, 541
Lemurs Owner Dead, Louisville Mourns
Thursday, October 15th , 2054
Despondent and forlorn are the streets of Louisville today. The Louisville Lemurs baseball team has lost its leader, owner Tim Fenstermaker. He died suddenly yesterday, while on vacation. Club officials briefed the press today on the situation and released funeral plans. Services will be held day after tomorrow in Louisville. As far as who will take over for Fenstermaker, the Louisville Lemurs spokesman indicated it would be dealt with in the near future, but he had no word on who the successor would be. Press speculation is that Fenstermaker's son, Tim, would be his replacement as owner. The younger Fenstermaker Jr. was characterized by sources high up in the Louisville Lemurs hierarchy as controlling when it comes to money and understanding when it comes to management.
MiLPBE News: The Offseason Begins
Tuesday, October 13th , 2054
The 2054 season has come to a close and the offseason has begun. Minor League PBE fans are all too willing to entertain fantastic trade scenarios or shoot the breeze about their team's prospects for next season. But they really don't like the offseason, because the offseason means waiting. That star player who might be snagged in a blockbuster deal won't don his new team's uniform, step into the box or hurl a fastball down the pipe for many months yet. The next months will provide a different sort of activity, though, as teams reassess and retool for the coming campaign.

You may now vote for the league award winners, the option is available in the league menu.
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - KC
2 Franklin DeMars AMA .342
3 Hank Falco FLA .332
4 Kasey Vyda KC .326
5 Rake Hard CHI .325
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - KC
2 Franklin DeMars AMA 30
3 Hot Dog LL 27
4 Ridgeciano Bananenboom LL 25
4 3 more tied with   25
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt - KC
2 Franklin DeMars AMA 102
3 Allison Chainz CAL 90
3 Hot Dog LL 90
5 Koala Kyle CAL 86
Brandon Howard - KC
2 James Daly CHI 13
2 Jolene Mydog CHI 13
2 Parker Ness SCSS 13
5 Johnny Patey V2 AMA 12
Crash Jackson - FLA
2 Bauer Bottom CHI 2.59
3 Oerjan Thrastarsen BCB 2.98
4 Ryan Knock SCSS 2.99
5 Lave DaPoint KC 3.04
Crash Jackson - FLA
2 Cookie PR 119
3 Parker Ness SCSS 116
4 James Daly CHI 108
5 Stun Gun SCSS 103
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West Division W L PCT GB
Kansas City Hepcats 66 42 .611 -
California Firehawks 56 52 .519 10.0
Amarillo Armadillos 50 58 .463 16.0
Brew City Bears 46 62 .426 20.0
Anchorage Wheelers 40 68 .370 26.0
East Division W L PCT GB
Chicago Kingpins 62 46 .574 -
Louisville Lemurs 57 51 .528 5.0
State College Swift Steeds 57 51 .528 5.0
Florida Flamingos 54 54 .500 8.0
Puerto Rico Ranas 52 56 .481 10.0
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